Frederik Plesner

Frederik Plesner / Denmark.

20 year-old self-taught digital artist.
Illustrations are painted digitally by hand and are inspired by a passion for popular culture.

All the content on this page is my own. Enjoy!


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"Vincent & Jules" - Illustration by Frederik Plesner.

"Eternal Sunshine" - Illustration by Frederik Plesner.

"Laura Palmer" - Illustration by Frederik Plesner.

"Travis Bickle" - Illustration by Frederik Plesner.

"Theodore Twombly" - Portrait of Joaquin Phoenix by Frederik Plesner.

"Serenity" - Illustration by Frederik Plesner.

A good friend of mine told me about a beautiful dream she had and it inspired me to make this. (The drawing also worked as a test of patience as the hair took a ridiculous amount of time to complete…)

Hi Frederik! What advices do you have for someone teaching theirself how to draw? Waht were your biggest challanges, and how did you overcome them? How long have you been drawing? Thanks!


I have been doodling my whole life, but I started drawing regularly about 4 years ago. In the process of teaching yourself how to draw I have found the two most important things to be patience and to have good amount of motivation to keep getting better.

Anyone can learn to draw if they are in possession of these two things. I kept up my motivation by drawing in different medias or trying to learn new techniques watching YouTube videos etc.

That said, you can learn a lot in the process of trying to achieve realism by drawing simple things like a table or a chair. I found it very satisfying to make detailed drawings on paper that ended up looking realistic. And in the process of making these kinds of drawings don’t be ashamed to use an eraser, because every line is not going to be perfect when you start of. Using an eraser is a good thing because that means that you are patient in the way that you want your drawing to be perfect.

At some point I got really tired of drawing and I didn’t draw a single doodle for about half a year. And don’t be afraid to do so. You don’t lose the skills and you aren’t going to start from scratch. Forcing yourself to draw for 5 hours a day or so will not get you better in the long term. You just end up quitting. If you ever get tired of drawing just it put away for while– because if you truly love it you’ll find yourself drawing for many hours straight sometime again.

And if you don’t get tired then draw ‘till your hand hurts because the more you practice the better you get.

"Frank Underwood" - Portrait of Kevin Spacey by Frederik Plesner. 

"Fight Club Two-Face" - Illustration by Frederik Plesner.

I wanted to capture the grungy and gritty look of the film while still keeping some bright colors in the painting. It ended up being a really macabre portrait of Pitt and Norton. Much more macabre than the reference photo I shot of myself holding a yellow party balloon for reference on the hand pose. 

"Gravity" - Illustration by Frederik Plesner.

Last week I saw the awesome movie and I have been working on this drawing since. At around 15 hours of drawing it’s my most demanding painting so far. Details take time but they’re so much fun to paint.

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